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We are a customer-centric manufacturer reputed for providing highly qualitative products in home audio systems, fire safety,stage performance,and meeting systems in the form of public address amplifiers, stage professional power amplifiers, and speakers.

Our comprehensive offering of audio equipment has proven design solutions such as digital signal processing(DSP), Class AB, Class D, Class H, Class TD amplifiers, and ambient noise sensing technology. We also offer long-line PA systems based on voice-over IP using open IP software architecture, designed for environmentally demanding conditions like rail and metro, where high reliability is crucial.

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OEM and ODM PA amplifier

As the obligate and trusted manufacturer in developing superior audio system products, we provide OEM/ODM service to help our customer grow their business in their area.

The foundation of innovation, excellence, and well-organized systems forms the basis of the company’s remarkable progress and the core of its product portfolio. We have made significant technological advancements since its inception, embody the values of its founders, and demonstrate dedication and sincerity in its seamless operations.

As an ISO9001:2015 manufacturer, we have complete laboratory testers and manufacturing facilities to ensure the products are safe and excellent. All products are extensible, easy to use, and work with your existing system.


We aim to establish a commendable position by setting the highest standards in fire safety and audio automation through exceptional products and services.


To emerge as the foremost provider in every market we cater to and transform the company based on the four cores of innovation, quality, efficient customer service, and timely delivery.


We strive to exhibit leadership both as a company and as individuals, conducting ourselves with integrity in all endeavors, valuing our customers and raw material suppliers, and cherishing the product brand along with all the members of the product family who contribute to its success.

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