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Professional Power Amplifier

Our professional power amplifier is designed to provide superior sound quality for a wide range of audio applications. They feature advanced class AB/H circuits, high-quality components, and robust construction. These Pro amplifiers offer excellent power output, low distortion, and excellent frequency response.

These pro amplifiers are an excellent choice for any musician or audio engineer looking to boost their sound. They are designed to give you the maximum power and clarity you need to make your sound stand out. Its built-in equalizer helps you tweak your sound to perfection, while its robust circuitry ensures that you get the most out of your audio. With its built-in limiters, you can easily control the loudness of your sound and prevent distortion. 

Whether you are playing a small club gig or a massive stadium concert, these professional power amplifiers are the perfect choice.

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If your purchase quantity is small,we will deliver you by air such as DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT.
Once your purchase quantity is bulk,we will deliver you by sea, and the shipping costs will become very low.