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This PA AMP features high-power output, adjustable volume control, and a balanced frequency response for clear, distortion-free sound. It is easy to install and operate and provides clear, loud sound for large audiences.

It is a powerful audio device designed to amplify sound in public venues such as schools, churches, and auditoriums.

  • Constant Voltage + Constant Resistance Dual Functions
  • MIC1+MIC2 Dual Microphone System
  • 2 Zones Independent Control
  • Digital Display
  • SD Card/USB Audio Input
  • Power and Clip LED Indicator
pa amp front panel
  • Rated Power:80W
  • Rated Output Current: 0.9A@70V;0.6A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 190VA
  • Size:482x330x66mm
  • Weight:2.3KG
  • Rated Power:120W
  • Rated Output Current: 1.5A@70V;1.0A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 280VA
  • Size:482x330x88mm
  • Weight:3.3KG
  • Rated Power:180W
  • Rated Output Current: 2.5A@70V;1.5A@100V
  • Power Consumption: 350VA
  • Size:482x380x88mm
  • Weight:4.3KG

PA Amp Specification

  • Output 1:4-16Ω (Constant Resistance)
  • Output 2:Partition output (CH1-CH2)
  • Frequency Response:130HZ-17KHz +/- 2dB(Low-cut);100Hz-17KHz +/-2dB(No low-cut)
  • THD(1KHz):<0.05% at 1KHz,1/3 rated power
  • S/N Ratio:MIC1-2 >70dB equivalent input noise; AUX1,2 >88dB
  • Auxilliary Output:600Ω,1V(0dB)
  • MIC1 mute adjust:-30dB
  • Equalizer:Low+/-12dB@80Hz;High+/-12dB@16KHz
  • Bass Tone:±12dB(100Hz)
  • Treble Tone:±12dB(10KHz)
  • Power Supply:AC120V;220V;230V;110V/220V;50-60Hz
  • Working Temperature:-10~40℃
  • Storage Temperature:-30 ~85℃

We provide high-performance PA amp solutions with the latest technology, and more importantly, guarantees fast delivery times and attentive service to ensure customers sufficiently benefit from our high-quality and competitively priced products.

Different order quantities, shipping methods, and parameter requirements will be different prices, please get in touch with our sales for an accurate quotation.

pa amp rear panel

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