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PA Amplifiers

PA (Public Address) amplifiers are devices used to increase the volume of sound coming from a microphone, musical instrument, or other audio source. They are used to project sound to large audiences at events, concerts, and other public gatherings. Meanwhile, they are also used in commercial and industrial spaces, such as factories and warehouses, to ensure that safety announcements and other important messages can be heard clearly.

The PA amplifiers are available in a range of sizes and power levels to suit different needs. Our PA amplifiers typically feature multiple inputs and outputs, allowing users to connect multiple audio sources at once. They also typically feature various equalization and tone controls for shaping the sound. 

  • Constant Voltage + Constant Resistance Dual Functions
  • MIC1+MIC2 Dual Microphone System
  • 6 Zones Independent Control
  • Digital Display /FM Function
  • SD Card/USB Audio Input
  • Power and Clip LED Indicator
  • Input and Output Overload Protection

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