Sound control is an essential piece of specialized equipment in the field of audio engineering and sound design. Among the various utilities available in the field of audio, a power supply sequencer is a smart choice that increases the safety of the entire PA system and enhances the audio performance.

“The advantages of the Vipsounds power sequencer stood out to me. Because for just a few hundred dollars you can perfectly protect a PA system that costs tens of thousands of dollars”  (Vincent Jan Gof-Audio Engineer of LayviKay Audio &Light Company)

Whether it’s a live concert, a recording session, or even a theater performance, having a power sequencer can dramatically improve the quality of your audio while providing the protection you need for your expensive audio equipment.

Features of Vipsounds Power Supply Sequencers

The operation of this power sequencer is very basic, but the functionality is amazing. When energized, it turns on different audio devices in sequence, with a default delay of 1 second, preventing the dreaded “popping” noise often heard when running a sound system. It further protects your delicate audio equipment from power surges or voltage fluctuations, protecting your professional-grade audio equipment.

One of the outstanding features of this power sequencer is the one-button control. It offers a very clean operation that allows you to seamlessly manage your entire equipment ecosystem. The front panel has a pointer voltmeter and a DC 5V USB port. In dimly lit environments, a small LED light can be inserted to illuminate the entire interface.

Additionally, this power sequencer accommodates a channel capacity of 30 amps per channel for a total of 8 channels. It is also equipped with RS232 COM interface and a 3*4 square power cord, total length of 6 feet (1.8 m).

The following images show the front and back panel

power sequencer front
power sequencer rear

Rich Circuit Protection Design

This power sequencing has a variety of protections, including short-circuit protection, over-current protection, and overload protection. It ensures that your audio system remains safe in the event of an electrical failure. This model can be customized with a power source filter (EMI power grid filter).

The image below shows its internal structure

power sequencer inner

Main features:

  • Relay-controlled output maximum single power: 6000 W
  • Output power socket: flame-retardant ABS material, phosphor bronze material that can withstand 13A current
  • Switch interval / timing(per channel): default 1 second
  • Output relay contact current: 30A 240V AC
  • PCB Board: double-sided fiberboard, the main power line with bold thickening
  • Built-in switching power supply for AC120/230V;50-60HZ

Precise Signal Control

Vipsounds power supply sequencer provides precise control of the power start-up and shutdown sequence of individual devices in a sound system.

When the power switch is turned on, the control circuit receives a periodic signal from the clock generator.

This signal is passed to a timer, which generates a delay signal based on preset time parameters.

This delay signal is used by the sensors to control the start and stop of the individual circuit modules. I.e. from the front stage to the back stage, it ensures that each device is started in the correct order, thus avoiding mutual interference and conflicts between devices.

Automatic Current Control

Automatic current control, also known as timing control, refers to automatically adjusting the frequency and voltage of the power output according to the working requirements and load changes to ensure that the equipment operates in the best state.

For example, when the time sequencer detects a change in the load of a device, it quickly adjusts the power output to meet the new demands of that device.

This real-time adjustment capability allows the power sequencer to accurately control the power output to ensure stable equipment operation.

Power Monitoring Management

By monitoring key parameters such as current, voltage, and power, the sequencer can understand the operating status of the system in real-time and make adjustments when necessary.

For example, when power fluctuations occur in the PA system, the Timer will react quickly to adjust the power output to maintain stability. This power management technology not only helps prevent equipment damage but also improves the stability of the entire audio system.

The End

All in all, the vipsounds power sequencer is a superior solution for audio power management. Whether you are a beginner, a seasoned professional, or a pure sound enthusiast, this power sequencer is the ultimate protector for your audio equipment.

More than just a simple piece of equipment, this is an effective investment in improving your sound quality and protecting your audio equipment. The future of sound is here, and it’s powerful.

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