As a professional designer of PA system, you not only want the pubilic address amplifiers you recommend to satisfy the purchaser of the project but also to be recognized and appreciated by the beneficiaries of the project. If professional-grade audio amplifier equipment is available for just a few hundred dollars, you’ll soon realize that your referrals are a very worthwhile thing to do- the client has recognized you as a reliable partner. It’s a virtuous cycle that anyone would like to have.

But, how can you find a professional manufacturer that sells direct and can ship small quantities? Besides, need to customize your branding and parameter requirements? Fortunately, we can meet your personalized needs and meet your expectations for just a few hundred dollars. What’s more, we design and mold our products in-house, so you’re sourcing a product that’s not only unique but also the lowest prices. Typically, it only takes a few business days to arrive at your designated location, whether you are in North America or Europe.

Providing power to enhance sound quality

Although active speakers or small home amplifiers can play audio, it is clear that they do not provide enough power when used in a public address system. Whether in commercial environments or public places such as stations, schools, churches, etc., public address amplifiers must be used to achieve the high quality required. Modern audio amplifiers have to simultaneously personalize the audio experience in different spaces. That is, they have to satisfy multiple audio needs within each partition.

Feature 1: Multi-zoning and versatility

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There are many ways to improve sound quality, but the most effective method remains PA amplifiers: using a high-quality amplifier can make a geometric improvement in sound quality, and the results naturally speak for themselves. As a professional designer of broadcast systems, you can invest in individual components such as microphones, mixers, and other processors to finalize the sound, but these are not enough for professionals who want to share high-quality music on their broadcast system and play it over long distances. Our audio amplifiers are optimized for public address and fire linkage. There are a variety of audio inputs available for various applications, among which the PA Power Amplifier (Model HZ-EQB-2000) with up to 8 zones and 2000W constant power output, which has reached a net weight of 29.8KG. It is specifically designed for large PA systems.

We also have many 6-zone models designed for multiple audio input modes such as MP3/SD card/Microphone. They can be used not only in 70V and 100V constant voltage broadcasting systems but also in 4~16 ohm constant resistance audio systems. In addition, the microphone input lines have been optimized to capture rich, detailed audio, making them ideal for audio professionals.

Feature 2: A rich of built-in modules

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Our public address amplifiers also features built-in Equalizer/Chime/Echo modules that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and complement your audio technology. Add reverb to your vocals, balance your mix with an equalizer, and adjust your treble and bass to optimize your sound – all from the simple front-panel interface of the PA Amplifier. Whether you’re playing music live outdoors or in a professional broadcast studio, PA amplifiers give you the modules you need to produce more dynamic content for your audio media.

Feature 3: Remote Network Control

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If you require remote control of your broadcast system, then the IP audio amplifier series is the ideal product for you. The built-in IP module allows you to realize a variety of functions. Below are the specifications of the IP network amplifier series.

Rated Power120W250W350W500W700W
Current @70V0.9A2.2A3.6A5A6.5A
Current @100V0.6A1.5A2.5A3.5A4.5A


  • 2U standard height
  • Support 2 local audio inputs, 2 MIC inputs;
  • Output frequency response: 60 ~ 18KHz
  • Microphone frequency range: 70~12.5KHz
  • With three levels of prioritization: MIC > Network > Local
  • Audio output mode: voltage output is 70V/100V, constant resistance output is 4-16Ω;
  • Local broadcasting and webcasting can be realized using ip address, numbering, address book search, etc.
  • Configured with 2-way local audio, 1-way network audio, 2-way MIC audio, and adjustable knob for treble and bass;
  • Standard RJ45 network interface supports cross-network segments and cross-routers. Support IP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, UDP, DNS, IGMP, and other network protocols.
  • Built-in abnormal work protection warning function: when the input signal is too large, heavy load, high temperature, or a short line circuit, the indicator light alarm.

Demonstrate your professionalism with high-quality sound

If your audience has poured their hearts out to you, then you should present them with the best possible sound quality. With our PA AMP devices, you’ll be amazed at what they can achieve. Improved sound quality means you’ll grab your audience’s attention faster, and if you sound professional, they’re more likely to engage. Our PA amplifiers can connect to a wide range of external sources, and some models support wireless synchronization with remote speaker devices, so they can be an integral part of more complex production setups.

Public address amplifiers vs. Public broadcasting amplifiers vs. Stage power amplifiers

Public address amplifiers, public broadcasting amplifiers, and stage audio amplifiers are three popular audio systems used for mass communication. Although all of them are used to transmit sound, there are significant differences between them.

Public address amplifiers

They are frequently used to broadcast background music, emergency alerts, and vital announcements in public areas including stadiums, retail centers, stations, and schools. A public address amplifier‘s primary function is to communicate intelligibly and clearly with a restricted audience in a designated area.

Public broadcasting amplifiers

These amplifiers are typically used to send signals to a big audience via the airways for radio and television broadcasting. These amplifiers can send signals over great distances and have significant power output. They also have transmitters and antennas installed, which aid in the long-distance transmission of signals. They frequently can broadcast several channels simultaneously, allowing viewers to tune in to different stations based on their tastes.

Stage power amplifiers

Professional stage amplifiers are employed in live events such as concerts and performances where a sizable audience needs to hear the sound. These stage amplifiers are more powerful and designed to provide high-quality sound to a large area, usually a concert hall or an outdoor stage. They are often used in conjunction with professional audio equipment such as microphones, mixers, and speakers to create a powerful and balanced sound.

TypesPublic address amplifierPublic broadcasting amplifierStage audio amplifier
Applications Schools,malls, and stationsRadio and televisionLive performances and concerts, karaoke
PowerLow, typically under 500WHigh, greater than 1000WHigh, typically greater than 1000W
Transmission rangeLimitedLargeLimited
Features :6 and 8 zones with constant voltage and constant resistance functionMulti-channel broadcasting, usually with a transmitter and antenna2, 3, 4 channels, only constant resistance function

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With some introductions of the above, it is fully understood what kind of amplifier is best to use to apply in your project. This is helpful as a professional designer of public address broadcasting systems, and if you still need to explore the products in more depth, please contact us and we will respond to any inquiries within 24 hours.

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